"Things I Never Said" - Directed by: Wendy Wang

Mental health is a topic that is stigmatized in Asian cultures.  Things I Never Said is a feature documentary and online media platform to help raise awareness and normalize the act of seeking help.  Your feelings are valid.  Together we will end the stigma.


"READY" - Directed by: Debbie Yen

A mentally-ill woman named Evelyn suffered a breakdown. She's fully recovered mentally and physically, but a run-in with her past uncovers her emotional wounds that never healed. Ready is a raw and visceral first-hand look at her coming to terms with the past to embracing the present while learning to love herself again.


"HEART BEAT" - Directed by: Mike Boidy

It’s been said by many scholars and scientists that “music is medicine.” Is it possible music plays a much bigger role in our lives and the universe than we understand? Is it possible we have overlooked its medicinal values? Why do we connect with music so deeply? Why does it bond so many different races, religions, and cultures together?


"A IS FOR.." - Directed by: Evan Katz

ABC's OF DEATH 2 is the follow-up to the most ambitious anthology film ever conceived with productions spanning from Nigeria to UK to Brazil and everywhere in between. It features segments directed by over two dozen of the world's leading talents in contemporary genre film. The film is comprised of twenty-six individual chapters, each helmed by a different director assigned a letter of the alphabet. The directors were then given free rein in choosing a word to create a story involving death. Provocative, shocking, funny and at times confrontational, ABC's OF DEATH 2 is another global celebration of next generation genre filmmaking. (C) Magnet Releasing


"BENJAMIN TROUBLES" - Directed by: Kai Ephron

Benjamin Troubles is a tale of urban magic that follows Ben, an out of luck loser, who finds himself suddenly endowed with large sums of money due to a mysterious gift, a pair of magic jeans that produce $100 bills every hour.


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